How habits affect the nervous system

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How habits affect the nervous system

Postby sofiya » Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:45 pm

One of the major systems of the human body is the nervous system. It was she who coordinates all other organs and systems. Thanks to her we breathe, move, eat. It affects our behavior , emotions, the sequence of actions, and more. And all our lives consciously and unconsciously inflicting significant damage. What hurts her the most?

How does our nervous system
To begin with, that the nervous system has a complex structure, it consists of the following agencies and departments.
Central nervous system - brain and spinal cord.
The peripheral nervous system - nerve roots, nodes (ganglia, plexuses, cranial and spinal nerves, etc.).
The vegetative (or autonomic) nervous system. It is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic parts which are connected with all organs, muscles and regulate them in the processes that are independent of our will. For proper operation of the two parts of the autonomic nervous system should exhibit the required level of excitability.
As the nervous system "gives the team"? With the help of their cells, neurons and their processes. Appendages are in the muscles or spikes of other neurons, forming a chain of transmission of nerve signals. Thus, from the brain is very different information to the muscles, organs and tissues, as well as feedback information from the senses (touch, sight, smell, etc.) in the brain. In this complex work involves many chemical substances, chief among which are the various neurotransmitters and hormones such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine, serotonin , dopamine, and many others. In the membrane of nerve cells have receptors that interact only with specific, desired cell, neurotransmitters and hormones on the principle key-lock. In addition, each nerve cell is continually synthesis and decay of hundreds of different chemical compounds, resulting in a flow of electrical impulses. These pulses are transmitted through the chain of neurons until they reach the goal - the body, muscles, vessels, etc.
All of this complex system is strong enough and should work properly throughout their lives. It would have been if it did not affect a variety of negative factors.
That spoils our nervous system
Nervous diseases or disorders of the nervous system may be due to organic (vascular, traumatic, toxic, etc.) or functional (neurotic) disorders and heredity. Now the like.
Nerve disease (neurosis, paralysis, loss of sensitivity or disorders of the psyche) can be transmitted genetically.
Injurious effects to the nervous system have some . commonly prescribed to us therapist in viral diseases.
Injuries to the head and spine can not affect the condition of the nervous system, sometimes immediately, sometimes - in the delayed term.
Age, alas, too, does not add to the health of the nervous system. Over the years, clearly the work of neurons razbalansirovyvaetsya.
Poor environment, hazardous industry, life in the big city, a constant stress .
Viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases can produce complications in the nervous system.
At the end of our "hit parade" is said to be that relentlessly destroys the entire nervous system, and by our own free will. It is our bad habits!

Bad habits and their destructive power
Smoking, . and . - the most bitter enemies of our health. And especially the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
Enters the digestive tract and is cleaved by the liver to the toxic acetaldehyde, which has a strong destructive effect on cells of the peripheral, autonomic and central nervous system. With the poison enters the blood stream into neurons of the brain and knocks their fine work. Time and again violated the process of developing neurotransmitters ( serotonin , norepinephrine, etc.) that are essential for ensuring the transmission of nerve impulses.
With continued acceptance of . attacks the brain grow stronger, the brain to save their work meets the increased production of neurotransmitters. For example, an excess of dopamine is associated with the state of painful hangover, impaired motor coordination, and sleep disorders, tremor , and tics, and in the future - mental disorders.
After a while the brain is no longer able to work in a stressful mode, providing increased production of neurotransmitters. Its activities are disrupted, which means a stage of alcoholism , when there is severe mental and physical disorders of all organ systems and general degradation of the individual .
For the human nervous system of the hundreds of harmful substances contained in cigarette smoke is dangerous is nicotine . He is especially detrimental effect on the autonomic nervous system, disrupting its work on koordinatorskuyu regulation of the internal organs and muscles. Thus, the cardiovascular system, digestive system and other important organs and systems is largely due to violations of the start of the autonomic nervous system. higher nervous activity also deteriorated as a result of . by nicotine : deteriorating memory, disturbed sleep , there are neurasthenia, sometimes even seizures. Error smoker that he is trying to "remove the stress , "by increasing the number of cigarettes, and this only leads to fatigue and headaches , irritability, persistent insomnia , tremors, dizziness . In the case of smoking many cigarettes in a short time may occur acute nicotine . deaths.
The main impact of . , different in their chemical structure, occurs at the level of the brain, that is the central nervous system. Some . mimic by a neurotransmitter, resulting in a "trick" the neuron responds to the . as a true neurotransmitter. That's how . and ., adjusted to the serotonin and give the addict a real pleasure. There are still many ways to the intervention of . in the transmission of nerve impulses, which violates the correct operation of the entire nervous system. . can increase or decrease the amount produced by neurotransmitters, the molecules interfere with the process of delivery of neurotransmitters to nerve endings , to influence the process of disintegration of the neurotransmitter used to block or activate the receptors of nerve endings , etc.
The consequences of harmful . for all three parts of the nervous system. Gradually the mind is destroyed, the person can not think logically, he has a persistent depression , there are hallucinations, even outside of the reception of . . He becomes aggressive, anxious, suspicious, experiencing constant fear. Needless to say, what usually ends up a . addict way of life? ..
How habits affect the nervous system

How habits affect the nervous system
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