Quail eggs. What are the benefits?

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Quail eggs. What are the benefits?

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Quail eggs. What are the benefits?

Egg and meat quails - the most valuable dietary products. On the efficiency of the use of quail eggs in the diet of patients with known even in deep antiquity. This is a miniature work of nature are very fond of children , and willing to eat them. Kids attracts an unusual paint color of the shell and a small mass, and it's great, because is an indispensable product in children's nutrition. They are tasty and nutritious , and never do not cause allergies or side effects (diathesis), even for those people that eggs are contraindicated.

Quail meat is attractive for its tenderness, juiciness, flavor peculiar to a slight flavor of venison. Products from meat and eggs of quails - is worthy of any holiday table decoration, the ability to please and surprise your guests, as well as improve their health.

Quail eggs weigh 10 - 12 g, with a thin brittle shell and different color. Contain more biologically active substances and quail eggs taste superior to eggs of other species of poultry. eat quail eggs baked, boiled, raw, roasted, pickled. They are used in cooking for cooking omelets, fried eggs and mayonnaise, as well as to decorate salads or hot dishes.

Quail egg - a warehouse of nutrients and therapeutic tools. Compared with chicken eggs in one gram of quail contain more vitamins: A - 2.5 times, B1 - 2.8 and V2 - into-2 ,2-fold. In Five quail eggs by weight equal to one chicken in the 5-fold higher levels of phosphorus and potassium in 4,5 times - iron. Significantly greater in the eggs of quails copper, cobalt, limiting and other amino acids. The content of essential amino acids such as tyrosine, threonine, lysine, glycine and histidine, quail eggs are superior chicken. Tirazin, is known to play a significant role in the metabolism and promotes the formation of the pigment that causes the color of healthy skin. That is why the quail eggs are used in the cosmetic industry. Quail eggs are a concentrated set of necessary human biological materials.

It is known that the eggs of Japanese quail - the most ancient natural medicine. Treatment of quail eggs is recognized throughout the world. The list of diseases that can be cured (or facilitate the course of the disease), using quail eggs, is quite broad:

- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, particularly gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, gastritis,
- Anemia;
- Severe headaches
- chronic pneumonia
- Bronchial asthma
- Tubercular intoxication
- increases resistance to radiation exposure;
- Derivation of radionuclides from the body ;
- High or low blood pressure;
- Violation of digestion
- Anemia;
- disorder of the nervous system
- Allergy;
- Sensitivity to OCR;
- Increase . potency;
- Pregnancy in weak women is much easier to prevent disruption of fruit soften toxemia ;
- Diseases eye
- For bodybuilders this unique tool to increase the protein in the body, because the egg is absorbed by 80%, while taking in large amounts (more than 10 pieces) does not cause diathesis.

Many scholars argue that the lack in the diet of lysozyme we so often get sick. Where lysozyme to take today? Rural residents can drink new-laid eggs of chickens home if they are not infected with salmonella, tuberculosis and other diseases. But it is much more useful than a quail egg. It is distinguished by high sterility, and therefore can be given to young children for 1-2 eggs a day, as do the Japanese . The child, eat up a day 2 quail eggs, has a better memory, strong nervous system, eyesight, better developed and less sick.

Eggs can be used for the treatment of many internal organs of humans and animals: the stomach, intestines, pancreas, thyroid, thymus glands , etc.

Of course, all interested in the question, and treated with a quail egg the most serious diseases, including cancer, including?

Particularly successful quail eggs treated with chronic cholecystitis, bronchial asthma, heart disease, nervous system. List of diseases can be extended further, but this is not important. main thing is that in contrast to ., the use of quail eggs does not cause injury to any organ in the body of man, and the benefit of huge yields. Elevated levels of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids leads to an accumulation of them in the body, and therefore to increase the immune defenses. The high content of B vitamins contributes to improved performance of the nervous system, the person becomes more calm and balanced. High concentrations of phosphorus, potassium, iron, improves memory in pregnant women do not ruin your teeth. One of the most valuable properties of quail eggs is their long-term preservation. At room temperature, they can be stored up to 30 days, while in the refrigerator - up to 60 days, with intact shell. This is due to the high content of amino acids - lizotsin, this substance is one of the eight essential amino acids, which are not produced by the human body. Lizotsin prevents the development of harmful microorganisms, both in the egg, and in the body of man.

Japanese quail eggs are a positive influence on the development of mental abilities of children. Recommended daily consumption of eggs in the food intake of children and adults.

Instructions for use are very simple: - from one year to three years - 1-2 eggs; - from three to ten years - 3 eggs - from ten to eighteen years old - 4 eggs - from eighteen to fifty years - 5-6; - from fifty years and older - 4-5 eggs.

They are useful to use the raw, half an hour before a meal, washed down with water or juice. Acceptance should be systematic, uninterrupted, for 3-4 months. Just a fortnight begins to manifest their beneficial effects on the body. If an individual can not drink the eggs domeshivat advise them raw in the porridge, mashed potatoes or soup. You can cook eggs. However, remember that vitamins during a 15-minute heat treatment completely destroyed.

The most delicious treatment was invented, of course, the French: refined aristocrats washed down with a warm quail soup warmed red ..

The contents of quail eggs contributes to the removal from the body of radionuclides, toning, strengthening bones, recovery and stabilization of the prostate gland, heart, liver, kidney, stomach, pancreas and other vital organs. not have contraindications to the use for the elderly because unlike of the chicken is no cholesterol . The main advantage of quail in the fact that they are not ill with salmonellosis. The stability of quail to infectious diseases can contain them, without resorting to vaccination. This prevents the accumulation of antibiotics in the body of quail and their eggs.

Quail eggs are widely used in Japan in child nutrition. They have a positive impact on children left behind in growth. It is advisable to include a raw quail eggs in the diet of patients and debilitated children. Especially appreciate the ability of Japanese quail eggs have a positive effect on the reproductive functions of the body.

Eggs are included in the diet of children exposed to radiation after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After a certain period of time they have improved the general condition, increased hemoglobin levels, disappearance of headaches, fatigue. Biochemical analysis of blood revealed no abnormalities in its structure.

A combination of biologically active substances with a high dietary qualities deservedly appreciated wishing to strengthen their health unconventional methods!

Our quail are contained in a specially designed environment, taking into account all peculiarities of this bird species. High-quality quail feed and filtrirovannaya drinking water contribute to the birds to make quail eggs are rich in vitamins.


Eggshell has a very broad range of practical applications. So, is known for taking a peasant increasing egg production of birds by adding them to feed crushed eggshells. Gardeners and gardeners use eggshell as an effective micro-nutrients and deoxidizing additives into the soil.

But this is not all and not the point. In ancient medical reference in the healing of many components of mixtures are referred to as the eggs together with a shell so , and a shell. Hungarian physician Krompeher with a group of doctors and biologists interested in the health benefits of shell of quail eggs. More than 10 years of research have shown that the eggshell - the ideal source of calcium that is easily digested.

It is known that calcium deficiency, especially in the bones - one of the most common metabolic disorders. This rickets and abnormal growth of teeth in children, the curvature of the spine and damaged teeth, brittle bones in older people. Calcium metabolism disorder is often accompanied by anemia, susceptibility to colds, allergies, herpes on the lips, lowered resistance to radiation. Women have this added to whites, the weakness of labor contractions, muscle atony of the uterus. Correct the metabolic calcium can be difficult, because the medicine used . - calcium chloride, gypsum, chalk - poorly absorbed by the body.

The most valuable shells - quail. Medical research has shown that the shell of quail eggs, consisting of 90% of the carbonate of calcium (calcium carbonate), just as easy to digest. This , it contains all the necessary minerals to the body: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others - only 27 items! is especially important to a significant content of its silicon and molybdenum - these elements are extremely poor in our daily food, but they are essential for normal biochemical reactions in the body.

Introduction to eat crushed shells of quail eggs showed its high therapeutic activity and the absence of any side effects, including those of bacterial infection. He took an egg shells can not be afraid, that the surplus be postponed on the bones and joints, is not afraid of urolithiasis. If it need net - it is ideally derived from an organism.

Especially useful shell of quail eggs to young children, ranging from one year, because in their body processes the formation of bone tissue are the most intensive and require a smooth calcium entry. The shells included in the children's meals , it is extremely beneficial effect in rickets and anemia, rickets developing in parallel.

Observed accelerated healing in orthopedic diseases such as congenital hip dislocation, osteoporosis (softening of bones).

And in children, and adults use skorlupoterapii a positive effect for brittle nails and hair, bleeding gums, constipation, irritability, insomnia, hay fever, asthma, hives.

Based on his research Dr. Krompeher makes the following recommendations:
- required skorlupochnaya prevention of pregnancy;
- an extremely desirable for children from 1 year to 6 years
- is desirable in adolescence and young age (up to 19-20);
prophylaxis twice a year is useful for adults in order to prevent diseases of the spine, dental caries and osteoporosis;
- receiving the powder from the shell is particularly useful in the early years when calcium metabolism in the body slows down.

Very often, parents are interested in the question: how to take a powder - an empty stomach or after eating? In this case, it does not matter. You can at the same time, adding it to food. effect will be much higher if the powder is consumed quail with 3 - 5 drops of lemon juice and cod liver oil, where a lot of vitamin D and iodine.

Belgians crushed shells pour a little lemon juice, citric or malic acid, maintained, and then just before consumption this seasoning mix with the crushed garlic and add to food.

Better yet, calcium and other minerals absorbed dissolved in water. calcium solution was prepared as follows. At the bottom of the banks poured powder (based on 1 liter of a tea- spoonful of powder from the shell of quail eggs), infused within 5 hours. This water is used for drinking and making tea, herbal infusions, coffee, soups, while we saturate your body with calcium ions and other trace elements.

By the way, shell purifies water from chlorine and heavy metals makes it alkaline properties, which prevents acidification of the body.

The powder from the shell of quail eggs capable of ten days to remove chronic pains in the stomach and accelerate the healing of skin in the field of burns and ulcers.

Women of fashion can be given a separate sovet - take quail shell of a once daily at night for 1/3 teaspoon and 2 capsules of fish oil, from November to March, c - and hair and nails you will be just excellent!

The powder is produced from fresh quail eggs from quail receiving a high-quality food and filtrirovannuyu drinking water. Quail shell, separated by podskorlupnoy film retains all the minerals that are contained in this amazing product.

Taking the powder of the quail eggshell, absolutely without the help of medical or chemical agents, can restore health, boost immunity and improve general condition without any harm to your body!
Quail eggs. What are the benefits?

Quail eggs. What are the benefits?
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