The birth of our child

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The birth of our child

Postby H@ider » Wed Feb 15, 2012 8:11 am

Hello dear readers. The first thing you want to do - low bow to the future mums, expecting the birth of their baby. Bowing low, and you my best wishes.
What I spodviglo create this page - so is the birth of our daughter with his wife Anastasia.
It all started classically: a normal working day - a call from the city, at the end of the Tanya (my wife): - "Serge, I was in a female - we will have a baby, the pregnancy for two months." The soul was torn with joy, I scream and jump. Rest of the day spent in a cage like an animal - home, home, hug and say that I love and happy!
And with that happy day when we learned in our baby's tummy is sitting began walking to the doctors. Tanya immediately gave directions to a bunch of tests, undergo ultrasound, around a bunch of professionals. And the card in the women diagnosed - PREGNANCY . I was then still seemed strange that she should be treated?? Cure is not treated, and after the second visit, the gynecologist wife had little to say not in the mood - she roared. It turned out that the doctor looking at medical card found a bunch of "pathologies" and has long been treated toksaplazmoz (5 years ago we prolechivalis after the first failed pregnancy - a . at 2 months) and immediately started prophylactic treatment cured the disease, while adding natural colors "- You are what you can . "(the" nice "that can be said of the future mother). Let's being treated .... And ordered a bunch of ., including antibiotics.
For two days I tried to reassure his wife have not yet turned to a familiar physician who works far from the hospital and Gynecology (Nina Fedorovna with the medical experience of more than 30 years). Nina Fyodorovna soothed his wife, saying - even nonsense not try to drink most of the . that should, according to a gynecologist to drink. At this point we realized that to believe and listen to the gynecologist should be selective, based on additional knowledge. In the book had bought a bunch of literature, also climbed for information on the Internet. Really nothing like this "- You can have ." to us by no means true. And how worried wife (evening tears, psychosis) that we have not seen a gynecologist.
Tried to get an ultrasound to Nikitin - there calmly answered questions and said: "- All is well, baby is fine." Thank God , Tanya calmed down and we enjoyed these marvelous old days, except for the rolling of the diagnosis in the honey. card: the threat of ., and dissatisfaction with the doctor:
- Are you taking .??
- Yeah, of course, all.
- Once again you have typed a lot of weight is dangerous to the fetus.
Then have Tanya came up with a more relaxed examination - the truth is always a little pre- ate and drank large quantities of yogurt, as I learned later, is because many do, to weigh less on the day of admission, we can say the days of fasting once a month (hi - hi, that does not make for the sake of doctors).
But seven months after the next inspection Tanya again become "a threat to the fetus." He was diagnosed with fetal hypoxia, and of course the comments:
- You intrauterine state - the child is feeble-minded, lagging behind in development. Direct you to the pathology. You refuse?? Write abandoned. Then you need to buy such and such preparations.
Again, on the other end I hear the tears and emotions. After work, drove to the drugstore and bought all that is necessary (for 900 rubles a). In the evening got into inet and found an article site medical fetal hypoxia. After analyzing the method of determining the diagnosis and how we diagnosed the doctor -gynecologist, was that it did not take into account (or rather did not even ask), moving your fetus or not (when the baby moves - increased heart rate, and the first sign of fetal hypoxia - a rapid heart rate ), which gave reason to put the "exact" diagnosis. Of course . are purchased just removed from sight. Of course, Tanya doubt "- might have to take a while?" Had to calm (for the money 350 rubles a) go back for the second time on the ultrasound. After the examination, ultrasound Nikitin said: "- Why do you come?? You have everything in order. No fetal hypoxia no ". Question - why go to the ultrasound, just too much impact on the baby (I do not think that ultrasound has a positive effect on child development), what was going through Tanya?
A week later, again at a reception in the female, though by the head. The result of visiting "- fetal hypoxia does not seem wrong. Do not get because we reinsured in order to have everything in order. " Wrong - it's the human factor, or both made mistakes all the doctors watching pregnant? I do not want to say that all doctors are. I am personally acquainted with many good specialists (internist, obstetrician, neurologist), with whom I consult often, but in this case, a complete lack of professionalism can be seen. The first commandment doctor: Premium non nocere - do no harm.
Another technique in 8 months (as usual on the day of discharge kefirchike - will complain because of the extra pounds), and another disappointing diagnosis of pyelonephritis . And of course the conversation in a doctor's office "- Yes, you do not understand it very seriously. Definitely in the immediate pathology. Once again you refuse?? Understand that you are at risk. " Although there were no signs of pyelonephritis but higher than normal protein in the urine is not available to us only in the evening, Nina F. explained how to properly collected urine. The following tests in a week - everything is fine (ha ha), pyelonephritis has not been confirmed (another reinsurance or a bug?).
And here we are sitting at home (I took a full vacation on the expected delivery date) and expect the number of 25 - to this day we "predicted physicians' birth of the baby. 25th day of silence - no signs of labor. On this day, we receive, we go into the female has two. The next conversation after examining "- You have, in general, that's all right, but you perehazhivaete - go to the pathology. We will prepare you for childbirth. Let's tomorrow morning, but better now formalized. " At this time, Tanya pretended that she agreed, but of course did not go to take shape in the pathology. Here please answer WHY IN PATHOLOGY, if everything is in order?? Do not you think it is suspicious - a pathological desire to put a pregnant woman in pathology?? But we still call home the next day: "- Why are not you going?"
As a result, the number 31 in the morning we quietly packed up and went to the hospital (departed cork, steel water leak). And here began another story. After visiting the doctor, "C" (I will not give last name), an increase in prenatal Tanya. And the doctor, "C" I had a conversation:
- Your wife attended antenatal clinic?
- Of course.
- And why thrush is not treated?
- So we put pyelonephritis in 8 months, which later proved to be true about the thrush is not a word!
- Strange. Now once the deal. You please bring 2 cans of hydrogen peroxide, it is inexpensive. Just as soon as possible. We simply have very little peroxide is allocated to the hospital and at the moment it is not.
At the ., bought 10 cans of peroxide (with the idea that others come in handy, it is worth a penny), immediately brought to the hospital. Doctor "S", and thanked it seemed to me to justify himself: "- You do not think we currently do not take." All this was of course little things. Most of all I was interested in something else: a minimum of interference . (including induction of labor, pain relief, etc.) in the natural process of childbirth, and immediately put the child on the mother's belly, do not rush to wash the grease of original, cutting the umbilical cord just after the cessation of pulsation, attachment to the breast within one hour of birth. This is what we have talked with the doctor, "C". He reassured me that medical intervention is trying to do at least lay out on your stomach, take the time grease will not wash off, but by applying to the chest - this issue will be solved not by him but by another doctor - neonolog. And added "- Where are you used to be? It was necessary to advance your wishes regarding the process of birth written on paper, with postscripts ALL LIABILITY take upon myself. " A Doctor "S" I liked - a good kind person, it is evident that a man in his place.
He returned home to wait for news. And what happened in the hospital? All the usual way: shaving, washing the bowel decontamination. So with the washing of the intestine was all sad. Water was taken from the tap, the result of such actions is quite pragmatic (intestinal mucosa, rectum impaired) - only 6 weeks a chair recovered. Anyway now know that the water had to be pre-cling, to bring with you (not funny right?).
And then at 21:00 came into our daughter. Mom put on her stomach at once, and can not be applied to the chest "- you do not understand, it can be dangerous for a child, it has little weight in 2750" - so the doctor decided neotolog. My dear, believe me, nothing and no one has the right to take the child from the mother, and especially not to those precious drops of colostrum only the unborn child. I went to the hospital and flew back to talk with your doctor. Thank you doctor, "C", he was able to convince neotologa through 2:00 put the baby to the breast. If you were female, while able to see a large poster on the wall - Recommendations of the World Health Organization WHO / UNICEF, quote, "an early attachment to the breast - within hours after birth." So why did this happen??
Tanya took the child up in the morning, explaining that you are relaxed, you need rest, and the child should rest assured, and if the child wakes up - bring on the breast. As a result, Tanya went to sleep only at 5am (from the hallway could hear a child crying, and whose child roars, do not understand), and in the morning at 6 o'clock in the nurse brought the baby mother
"Let- feeding .
Baby srygnula substance of white light, when Tanya started to put to the breast.
- What do you finish feeding? What?
- I brought you a baby, so that you crushed me questions. Feed back I have to carry ... "
My dear, it was a mistake, reinsurance, no - it is an elementary failure to wear mothers of children at night. Stick a bottle if the baby really quite red from crying, and then sleep on the job. And then the parents of torment with a chair, dysbiosis. After a baby is absolutely sterile intestines and from what it is fed in the first hours, days, depends on the health of your offspring (in our baby only 2 months is more than a normal chair, sleepless nights were not enough).
My dear mom get the most important thing that a child is YOUR and only with your consent, honey. workers can do anything in your child.
"Fundamentals of the Russian Federation legislation on health care."
Article 30. "Consent to medical intervention. A necessary condition for medical intervention is informed voluntary consent of the citizen. In the case where the state of the citizen does not allow him to express their will, and urgent medical intervention, the issue of a council decides to hold it, and if you can not collect the council - just attending (duty) doctor.
I came a nurse, did not ask, you can - I'll make feeding your baby an artificial mixture. What is violation of the law?
The fact that during the morning rounds, the child is asleep and not wake up - it's just as no one cares about (sleepy shot put and then took the blood).
With regard to vaccination against hepatitis B, which is placed in the first hour after birth.
Background: Hepatitis B - liver damage, there are two ways of transmission: . and blood-borne (injections, abrasions). So this is what happens, our chief officer of Russia admits that could infect the baby or the mother (during the passage through the birth canal), or the doctors themselves (by injection through the tool, gloves). And on the third day of life after such an attack on the liver (Hepatitis B) - there is a so-called "zheltushnitsa." When Tanya was in the hospital was 3 out of 5 Erysimum, moreover, an abandoned girl wrote on Hepatitis B vaccinations, of course they have a child was healthy. Approximately two months later gave birth to my friend - she also refused to Hepatitis B vaccination in the first hour after birth. Then they took the doctor the following dialogue:
- You refuse vaccinations, but are you sure that you and your family do not have hepatitis B.
- Yes, sure!
- Well, then you can not put.
Vaccination is a highly individual thing, each decides whether or not to. But that is contained in vaccinations and their side effects, I think no one knows. For those interested in some information.
URA. We are at home with baby. The next day we went to the pediatrician. Outer clothing removed, hands are washed, but the boots are not removed, as if it should be.
The birth of our child
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